This group is both for people who want to request support and for people who can offer support during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. This is a challenging and uncertain time for our community and we want to find ways in which we can support each other. We coordinate volunteers across St George's Ward in Islington to support our community with tasks we might not be able to do due to self-isolation. Whether it’s shopping, picking up a prescription, walking a pet or just having a chat if you need one, we will be working together with and for each other.

The group has been founded under the principles of Mutual Aid – a practice of sharing resources, ideas and services reciprocally for mutual benefit. Mutual Aid views all participants equally; it focuses on co-operation and solidarity between individuals.


To enable the community to come together to fulfil requests for support as efficiently as possible, we have separate forms for volunteering and for requests, but we recognise that a person who is offering support at one time might also be – or become – someone requesting support. When you contact us we encourage you to fill out two forms: offer support and get support. Do send a new one if your circumstances change.

This is a voluntary service to our community – we will never expect anyone to pay for our support and will only ever accept money to cover the cost of things like shopping.

For everyone concerned, whether you are requesting or offering support, we ask that you respect the health, wellbeing and generosity we are showing to each other and take particular care not to risk passing the virus or any other contagious illnesses to others if you are unwell. If you are ill or become ill, please do inform us to enable us put in place appropriate measures so we can take care of each other safely.

Please only share your information with us if you are happy for us to pass this on to other people who are volunteering and/or requesting support. What we share will be limited and will only be used to fulfil the support request adequately.

Please note that we are:

  • completely community volunteer-based and are not associated with any government department, agency or other company or group.

  • not able to help you with medical advice, though we will provide some practical information in the resources section about health and safety. For any other medical concerns or emergencies, we recommend that you contact the NHS or your GP directly. Please contact the emergency services if you need help quickly.

  • not able to accept any liability in relation to the help you offer or request.

  • ready to support our community in any way we can to help the smooth running of this community initiative.


Thank you for being part of such a great community. We are overwhelmed and really proud of how St George's Ward and other surrounding communities are pulling together and supporting each other during this difficult time.


You are all amazing people!

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