St George's Mutual Aid Group is gathering resources so we can direct people to a wide range of support. This can range from official organisations such as Council, which has put a wide range of services in place to ensure that local people can meet their basic needs, to informal groups that share skills, games and ideas.

Please click on images for more information, it will take you through to service providers or resources directly. This page is simply a sign-post to help you get there. 


We have only been in existence since the start of the lockdown, but we are learning all the time, accumulating knowledge, information and experience. We will gradually add more resources to this page, but if you have ideas or information about initiatives that would be useful to other members of the community, please let us know through the WhatsApp groups, or by email, phone or text.

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Community resources


Our Councillors

Just a reminder that your St Georges Ward local councillors may be able to help - we are not affiliated in any way, but have included their contact details below if you would like to reach out to them.