In our community, there are many individuals and groups who have come forward to offer different types of support to other people in our locality. Community offerings can be anything you want to share, gift or exchange. The only guidance is that they must be done in ways that will keep everyone in our community safe, and no money should change hands (except voluntary donations and fund-raising!). 

We are building a rich collection of these ideas and proposals and will post them here in a way that makes them accessible and easy to find. These groups and initiatives are not affiliated with this Mutual Aid Group, but have been established by individuals who are members. If you have ideas or a project that would engage and interest other people, and would help us deal with the difficult situation we are all in, please email us at


Please remember safe engagement principles at all times. Spread kindness, not the virus!

Breathing through Covid-19 

For those who might be recovering from Covid-19 at home, The Yoga Project runs a free Breathing Through Covid19 breathing and deep relaxation 30 min class every Thursday at 2pm on Zoom. It acts as a support group to those feeling isolated with the condition or who would like to strengthen their respiratory system and use breathing to help with stress.

The class is open to everyone and takes place on a chair.
To book pls email
To find out more about classes see 

St George's WhatsApp Swap Group!

Join this group to swap jigsaws, plant seedlings, sourdough starter, spare bikes, whatever you have to share, give and/or might want to receive. Strictly no money changes hands. The group has clear hygiene and safety rules that they share with all new joiners. 

Click here: 

Scan the QR code to the right. Happy swapping! 

Yoga Nidra


Yoga nidra is a guided relaxation technique in the yogic tradition which takes you to deep levels of rest.  All you need to do it lie down, get comfortable and relax. As you practice yoga nidra your thoughts begin to slow down allowing your mind the rest it so desperately needs, stress levels drop and a sense of ease begins to permeate your whole being.  The deep rest bought about by this practice is the most restorative state we can be in where the organs can regenerate and the immune system function optimally. In this time of uncertainty and heightened stress a practice like yoga nidra can help rebalance and re-set an over worked, hyper aroused body/mind.

Yoga nidra sessions are offered Tuesdays and Fridays at 9pm so you can tuck yourselves up and go straight off to sleep if that suits you. The days may vary week to week so just check in here to make sure you get the right night! 

At 9pm, click here:  

A password is needed to join, call us on 07568 269112 and we'll give it to you. 


This is offered on a donation basis with all donations going to St Georges mutual aid open collective account to pay for the purchase of emergency provisions for those in need in our community.  Please feel free to donate whatever you can, every penny counts.  Similarly if money is tight right now please still come and practice.  This is a community offering and EVERYONE is welcome.


The link for donations is here:

Whittington Park 

A member of the SG Mutual Aid group has highlighted this petition about changes planned at the Whittington Park which would remove the wildflower meadow there. 

The link below takes you to a petition where further information can be found.

Created by St George's Mutual Aid Group, no copy right. 

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